Self Discovery In The Odyssey

He is the son of Odysseus and he has strengths and weaknesses in his character. He is naturally courageous and he wants to help his mom but he does not have the confidence. Athena has to show him out loud what has been in his heart all along (spires 325). Though he has weaknesses, he fights through them when Athena gives him the confidence. She gives him hope that his father is not dead and he can, indeed, oppose the mobs destroying his palace. Telemachus is suddenly able to take his rightful place in the halls of Ithaca. All it took as a little push from the Gods to bring out the beat traits in him and help him accomplish his task (Jones 314). His character is relatable because in life strength within a person can be pulled out with just a little encouragement. Homer facing each character with a struggle illustrated the levels of human progression. Through Telemachus’ struggle he discovers the confidence within himself. “To hold his inheritance he must earn respect from others and demonstrate his ability to succeed (Spires 323.) This shows the complexity of his character. He is like the underdog but through his progression he is able to exhibit the strength from within. Though his journey he is able to find the will and succeed. He shows Homer’s idea of human progression through self entitlement.

Homers key character is Athena who is the overall guide to self discovery because she helped the characters progess their journeys. If homer had not included her in the epic the characters journeys would not have been complete. “Athena’s continued presence thought “The

odyssey’ was vital to the success of the characters (Jones 327). Athena is the god who help thought all the characters human progression. For example she helps homer when he comes across the Cyclops and also helps Telemachus discover the confidence within himself. “The gods will only help those who are worthy of it (Jones 327.) This shows that the characters were all well rounded, respectable and noble characters. Being worthy of help from the gods was a reflection of all three characters during their journeys. Homers character of Athena is very clever and wise. Her wisdom is what helped all the other characters through their journey. Athena is like the glue that holds all the other characters in place. She shows that during self discover and struggle, human progression will occur.

The four characters were used in the epic to show Homers theme of self discovery and his belief of human progression when faced with a struggle. Odysseus is able to return home to his wife and son. The traits in these characters, given by the author, play an important role in the epic and are vital in illustrating the overall theme. The characters could only conquer and progress when they realized the important traits they needed to succeed where inside themselves all along. With the help of Athena; Odysseus, Penelope, and Telemachus learn that it only takes strength to find the power within to accomplish anything in life. The challenges presented in the story transformed the characters, which created an epic tale about self discovery and acceptance. Homers concept of human progression, when faced with a struggle or a hard ship, is evident though the characters of the epic. Homer used the characters of “The Odyssey” to show that through life lessons and tribulation, self discovery is possible and human progression is inevitable.