Two Lovers But Different Religion

Samantha lives in the city of Winnipeg. She went to high school there. When she was in high school she fell in love with John, who belonged to a Philippine family. But Samantha is ”Christen”. Samantha knew this well her parents were not going to allow her to be in a relationship with someone who’s from other religion. John’s parents died when he was only 17 from that time he lives alone and he don’t care if he fell in love with someone who’s from other religion.

Samantha and John both were happy with their relationship and later Samantha decides to tell her parents about John. The time Samantha told her parents about John and her relation Samantha’s parents got ”mad” and said we are not going to accept this relationship because they don’t want their daughter to fall in love with a guy who’s from another religion they were against this relationship. But Samantha didn’t listen to her parents. She got angry and went to the room and start throwing the stuff around. Samantha’s mom yelled and asked her to stop being crazy but Samantha didn’t listen to anyone.

While she wasn’t listening to her parents they decide to move from Winnipeg to some other country called ”Toronto”. The time Samantha’s parents told her they decide to move from Winnipeg to Toronto. Samantha told everything to John and asked him to talk with her parents somehow. She wants him to talk with her parents because maybe that’s how they might change their mind about moving from Winnipeg. So later John went to Samantha’s house, Samantha’s parents were shocked to see John. Julia said to John what you want now ”rudely”. John said I only want to talk with both of you for couple minutes. John start talking to her parents he explain and told them how they both are serious for each other and how they care and also wants to get marry as soon as possible. And also said trust me I will keep her happy. After talking to Samantha’s parents John stood and said “I will wait for your answer” and he left. Samantha’s parent father “Tom” and mother “Julia” talk with each other about it.

Tom said to Julia ”what are you going to do now?”

Julia ”angry” I don’t know! I just don’t know what to do.

Tom quietly said but listen we need to think about it, I think John is perfect guy for Samantha.

Julia was pretty mad and she rudely said to Tom: what? What did you just say?

After few minutes Tom said to Julia that I said John is a perfect guy for our daughter.

I can see he’s perfect, but you know well he’s not from our religion, don’t you know?

Tom: yes, I know Julia, but it’s about our daughter life why don’t you understand.

Julia: you know what do whatever you want to do I am out of this.

Julia ”walking” went by the door and Tom said wait, wait Julia ”yelled” and said listen to me you can think about it take your time. Don’t think about the religion how it’s different or anything else thinks about Samantha it’s about her life.

Julia’s ”Thinking” and later she said ok! If you really want me to think I will think about it but please, please don’t say anything to Samantha yet.

Julia starts to think about it. She was not sure what he needs to do. She can’t even fall asleep she go back and think about what Tom said to her. She thinks a lot about it, she thought maybe Tom is right I don’t need to think about the religion the thing I need to think is about Samantha if she’s happy with John I don’t think I need to interfere and at the end she was agreed with other family member.

Next morning she talked to Tom and tells him what she thought all last night and Tom was pretty happy with Julia’s decision. But Julia said to Tom not to tell Samantha yet. Tom asked Julia the why she don’t want to tell Samantha yet about the decision. Julia gives the reason don’t you know Samantha’s birthday coming up so we will arrange a party and invite John and we will give this surprise to both of them. Tom was like oh, that’s a great idea so let’s get start to plain the party. They start planning the party. They call john first John wasn’t picking the phone but Samantha’s parents were calling him again and again when John picks up the phone Samantha’s parent talked to him a bit rudely for first few minutes but later they invite John to Samantha’s birthday party and told him that they are agreed with both of them relationship. For a while John didn’t really believe he thought they might be lying. But the way Samantha’s parent were talking to him so nicely he thought maybe that what the truth is John’s pretty excited after hearing from Samantha’s parents about their decision towards our relationship. Julia said so are you coming? ”John” yes sure I will come said ”happily”

Samantha’s birthday is here but she’s sad she don’t want to party she said to Julia ”madly” I am not coming to party you should cancel the party there is no point of having party. Julia didn’t say anything she just ignored what Samantha said. But from inside Julia is feeling pretty sad because she don’t want to see Samantha said on her birthday. Later Tom came to Julia and said why you are sad? You should be happy its Samantha’s birthday. Julia said how I can be happy if Samantha is sad on the birthday. Tom said to Julia you don’t need to worry she’ll be happy when she is going to see John. Julia slowly said yes hope so she’ll be happy by the end of say.

Time is here for the party. The entire guests had arrived; John was the last person who arrived at the party when Samantha saw him she was surprised and shocked, she walked over to him and said John… how come you’re here?

John told Samantha your parents call me last night and invite me to the party.

Samantha didn’t really believe it…

Later John said to Samantha first I was pretty shocked when they call me and invite me to your birthday party I thought they are kidding but they were serious. Samantha happily said oh okay well I’m happy to see you here and thanks for coming.

Later on party is going on and Samantha goes to her parents and “hugs” them and thanks them. Samantha’s parents were feeling good to see Samantha happy later on while the party was going on Samantha’s parents call her after Samantha came they told her that they are agreed with both of them relation. Samantha ”smiling” she didn’t believe on her parents she thought they’re fooling around with her. But Samantha was wrong her parents actually accept John and Samantha’s relationship. After that John told her, that your parents really accept her relationship. Samantha was thankful to her parents just because to see her happy they went against the religion.

So, in the end finally lovers get together.