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College essay samples in Canada

Despite the fact that many students struggle with completing writing assignments, the majority of schools in Canada rely upon essays for the majority of classes. If you feel like writing is not your forte, you can always check essay writing samples at PaperLeaf for inspiration and a better understanding of the general structure. Besides, the more good examples you check, the higher are the chances of you receiving a perfect grade.

How to write an essay for college application sample

We’re pretty sure that by now, you already know the traditional structure and requirements in regard to an academic essay. Write an introduction with a thesis statement, three body paragraphs with scholarly references, and a conclusion, and you should be fine. However, when it comes to writing a college application essay for schools in Canada, you should forget all the rules and simply follow these recommendations.

When applying to college or for a scholarship, you should try to go beyond what’s already on your application. The essay should mirror your genuine personality and let the committee know what’s behind the grades and extracurricular activities. Think about what makes you unique, what the admission officers should know, and why you’re the one who should get accepted. Your application essay should present all of the best aspects of your personality, so it’s not the time to feel shy; however, feel free to mention influential figures in your life.

Before you actually start writing, take your time to get to know the prompt. Think about what exactly is being asked. If you need some extra inspiration, be sure to check out a few essay writing samples and reflect on your personal experiences, goals, and beliefs. Do not forget to proofread and edit your piece of writing to make the best first impression.

How to write compare and contrast essay sample

Among the other types of written assignments, compare and contrast essays can be some of the harder ones for students from Canada (and everywhere else) to master. However, such tasks are not as complicated as they may seem. So, let’s go over how to write a perfect compare and contrast essay for your college class.

One of the biggest mistakes students make when working on such a task is missing out on the comparison and contrast parts of the essay. Regardless of whether you’re discussing two works of literature or political movements, it is important to do more than simply list their peculiarities. To make this part a bit easier, write out a list of criteria for comparison before you start writing. Do not forget about conducting thorough research so that you have enough valid information to back up your claims with.

What you will notice in all of the compare and contrast essay writing samples is that each work follows a similar structure. In the introduction, be sure to present the two ideas and provide enough background information for your readers. End the introduction with a thesis statement, in which you note whether the ideas have more in common than they might and outline the arguments you will make in the essay. Present all of your arguments in a well-structured manner, reference valid sources, and your essay will be sure to receive a perfect grade.

How to start an essay introduction example 

Despite being one of the shorter parts of an essay, an introduction is essential for the readers’ overall impression of the paper. However, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start, even if you find the topic you’re writing about interesting and exciting. Depending on your professor’s requirements and essay type, several changes can be made, but the general structure and recommendations for writing an introduction remain the same.

The purpose of an essay introduction is to not only provide some background information on the topic you’re discussing but also engage the readers’ attention. People get bored and distracted easily, which is why your first sentence should serve as a hook; an interesting fact or a broad summary of the topic should work just fine. Always finish your introduction with a thesis statement, which briefly summarizes the arguments you’re making in the essay. In between the hook and thesis statement, be sure to provide enough background information about what and why you’re talking about.

How to conclude an essay examples

When writing an essay conclusion, you must make sure that you’re not simply summarizing what you have already discussed. You must remember that the closing paragraph is your last chance to convey your arguments to the readers, which is why you should try your best to make it as convincing as possible. There are actually a few ways for you to do so, so feel free to experiment.

The most important part of your conclusion is the restatement of your thesis statement because it is the backbone of the entire essay. List all of the points that you argue throughout the essay. Mentioning the counter argument and refuting it can also help the reader comprehend the value of your ideas. If the assignment type allows for it, feel free to finish with a rhetorical question on the topic. In general, try to make an impact with your conclusion as it can make or break the impression your readers leave with.

Knowing how to write different essay types will be extremely helpful in your college life from sending out an application to succeeding in classes. Even if you don’t believe you can write an essay to impress, writing is a skill that can be acquired and developed. Reviewing essay writing samples is one of the first steps that will help you become the top student in your class.